Bio slender Gel


Bio slender Gel


Bio slender Gel


To be aplied in the evening before retiring over desired area.  Marea gently until gel is absorb into the skin.  Hand to be wash thoroughly after aplication.



Product Description


Bio Slender Gel is an alcohol-free, fragrance-free & oil-free formulation work and effectivce slimming and anti-cellulite gel by working on

a 3-prong approach:

1) Enzyme Action – hydrolysis of “water-retention” and enzymatic action on adiposity fats.

2) Stimulation of cAMO creating lypolytic action (breaking down of fats cells)

3) Blood circulation are enhanced to “remove” localized lypolize fats for further metabolic breakdown

4) Biological moisturization restores skins (Epidermis & Dermis) apperance.


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