Miracle Gel


Miracle Gel


Bio slender Gel


Nightly, reak a capsule and put the essence on the face before sleep.



Product Description


Miracle Gel is based on the Nobel Prize discovery of Epidermal Growth Factor, a human growth hormone that speeds up the skin’s healing process.

– cell renewal

– remove dead skin cells, minimises blemishes so as to whiten the skin.

– minimises the conditions of aging, dehydrations, blemishes & fine line

– usage of Miragle Gel during and after a blemish eliminating treatment can prevent the recurrence of pigmentation.

– increases and nourishes skin cells.  Prevent and treat dehydration caused by dry weather (best to bring for travel) and enhance

   synthesizing of DNA, RNA

– provides functional proteins to nourish and improves the hydration and elasticity of skin.


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