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MCCM C Vita 180 Facial Therapy

Main Characteristics and Effects


This treatment from Spain is designed to give the skin a total glow and a lightening effect.

Improves skin texture; bright and even skin tone, prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

C Vita 180 pack prevents photo-aging and protects the skin from external aggressions.



C Vita 180 可以为皮肤拥有光泽和美白效果,可防止老化,并防止皮肤免受外部攻击。

  • Skin analysis and consultation
  • Makeup removal
  • Double cleansing
  • Apply MCCM Salicylic Solution to face and neck and leave for 5mins
  • Extraction
  • Apply MCCM Vitamin C to entire face and neck
  • Apply MCCM C Vita 180 mask and leave on for 10-15mins
  • Meridian face, eye and neck bojin treatment
  • Face massage
  • Customised mask application
  • Head and shoulder massage
  • Toner, MCCM C Vita Cream, and sunscreen application 
  • 皮肤分析和咨询
  • 卸妆
  • 双重清洁
  • 将MCCM水杨酸溶液涂抹在面部和颈部,然后停留5分钟
  • 挤压
  • 将维生素涂抹在整个面部和颈部
  • 敷上MCCM C Vita 180面膜10至15分钟
  • 眼睛及颈项拨筋
  • 面部按摩
  • 面膜
  • 头部和肩部按摩
  • 爽肤水、MCCM C Vita霜和防晒霜

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